KweniMy name is Quennie but some of my friends say it as “Kweni” because of the way it is spelled. I am a nurse by profession working in one of the well-known tertiary hospitals here in the Philippines. I am also a freelance writer and blogger.

The reason I write on this personal blog is to share experiences from my life about nursing, food, video games, love, life lessons and everything else. There may not be solutions here for other people’s problems but one can always learn from someone else’s experience.

Aside from the fact that this blog will serve as an outlet for my rants and raves, my other goal is to hope that somehow, my posts here will be able to help someone. No, please do not mistake me for a “life coach” or a “motivational speaker” because that is far from what I want to be. Like I have mentioned before, this is my personal blog.

Should anyone find any post useful and would like to discuss it further with me feel free to contact me for I will lend you my time if you need someone to talk about it with.