17 Jan

How to Use an Infuser Water Bottle

how to use an infuser water bottle

I have always been puzzled by these water bottles I see around at work that the other nurses are carrying around because it has this plastic thing sticking out within the bottle itself. At first I thought it was for ice but I never really figured it out until I saw it online. Apparently, it is where you put cut up fruits and vegetables to infuse in the water. Why did I never figure that out? Well maybe because the ones I see around my ward has nothing inside but water.

Again, I did say I was puzzled by it but it never crossed my mind to go ahead and buy one for myself since I am not so good at hydrating myself. As a matter of fact, I suck at it. But then here comes the New Year so I thought I would start a habit so I chose to drink more water, or at least enough.  So instead of re-using water bottles which I know is not good for you, I decided to look for a water bottle and I came across the EMPO Fruit Infuser Water Bottle which looks nice so I have read further about the product. It has good reviews plus you will get access to their very own fruit infuser water bottle recipes.

So I was wondering how to use an infuser water bottle and would I be able to keep a habit of actually using it and drink more water. The usage part is easy, but for someone like me who is not a fan of hydration, keeping the habit might be a bit of a challenge, or so I thought. Anyway, here are the steps on how to use an infuser water bottle:

how to use an infuser water bottle

  1. Remove the top cap.
  2. Unscrew the inner cap. This will remove the plastic container from the inside of the bottle.
  3. Remove the cover of the inner plastic. This is where you will put your cut up fruits and vegetables.
  4. Screw the inner plastic tube back into the water bottle. Make sure it is snug but not too tight.
  5. Fill the bottle with water.
  6. Let it steep for at least 20 minutes. Steeping could take as long as 2 to 3 hours but for something “on the go” like this bottle, 20 minutes should be enough.
  7. Replace the top cap of the bottle properly to avoid any spills.

See? It is not rocket science and so far, I have been using this for 3 days straight and that is a lot for someone who is not good at drinking water like me. I have to say I am having fun with it although the frequency of my visit to the toilet has gone up, I am still happy to see a clear colored pee.

As for infuser water bottle recipes, the options are endless and if you need guidance aside from the one from the EMPO website, then Google is your friend. For now, I am just using a simple combination of lemon and cucumber. I might toss in some mint during the summer or I might go ahead and try out other fruit recipes.


My verdict about this product:

This water bottle has really satisfied my needs. I have already brought it to work and it has not spilled in my bag even if it was placed in there sideways. It is quirky enough to always catch my attention and remind to have a chug or two thanks to its bright colors. Apart from being BPA free, it is also easy to clean. We do not own a dishwasher but the label does say that it is dishwasher free.

If you are thinking of getting one, I bought mine on sale at Amazon. Or you can just go ahead and click the image below.

water infusion bottle

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