20 Aug

Neurosciences Nursing – My Current Stumbling Block

For the past four months that I have landed in London, so far I have not posted anything about my work here and I think it is about time I shed some light on it. Not that I was waiting for anything. I have to admit, sloth has taken the best of me which caused me to get side-tracked and when slackness is not at play, I turn out to have too many irons in the fire.

Before I left the Philippines, I was informed of my assigned ward which turned out to be under the Neurosciences department. Like the slouch that I am, I just unquestionably nodded with no worries of the challenges that I would face in less than a month’s time. I uttered to myself, “I’ll just study about neuro when I get there so I’ll learn while working.” and that was a pretty damn good deception I made to myself.

When I got here, the first month and a half were primarily spent on inductions and some short 8-hour shifts in the ward. Going straight to the point, within that lapse of time, I have been overloaded with obligations at work and with accommodation; both of which are not tasks that is simple as ABC. There was definitely no allotment for studying. I tried once but that’s it. I could not follow it up and so again, I told myself, “Surely, when I start doing long shifts I’d be able to study.”

Soon after that, July came which marks the beginning of my long-hour shifts and that meant I would have more days off in a week. It did give me flexibility in time but I took advantage of it by going around and goofing off. Studying has been placed way past the backseat and I am starting to feel the consequences of it. Previously, I was an Endoscopy nurse and my practice is focused on the gastro-intestinal system. Now that I’m in King’s College Hospital specifically in David Marsden ward which is a neuro ward, I badly need a refresher course in Neurology through my own effort.

I want to be productive all the time and study…

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On the subject of the ward I have been assigned to. How was it? I would outward bluntly say it that the area is extremely noxious yet my colleagues undeniably make the exhaustion worth it. There are, undoubtedly, people who can make your workload massive than it already is but it is always like that in every job. There will always be at least one person who can make your patience be put to the test. Alternatively, I love my area. Sure the tasks at hand can get overwhelming but so far I’m having a ball.

From colons to the brain means intensive studying. I still have more studying to do once I get my schedule for my OSCE but I’ll talk about that in another post. God give me the patience and eradicate all sluggishness in my body. Anyway, a friend of mine suggested a couple of books that are good references for the said field. These are:


The chances are very slim that I would genuinely be able to read all those books that my friend has recommended but being the bookworm that he is, he knows which book will waste your time and which one won’t. Should I get my hands on any of these books, maybe I will at least try to do some reading but that is very unlikely.





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