1 Dec

Nun this November

When life happens, you are given two possibilities: 1. It’s possible to write a blog post and 2. It’s definitely not possible to write a blog post and most of the time, it’s the latter. That is why I only have one entry for this month. Recently it has been mostly negativity that is going on with me and I would rather not post about it so as to not create a dark vibe for my blog. Now that it’s the last day of November I was thinking that I should at least post something on here and it must be something positive.

The negativity that I am talking about is mostly about working here as a nurse. Nursing is already difficult on its own and things get heavier because of other factors connected to it which I prefer not to specify here. The only thing that would make you crack a smile is when someone sincerely appreciates you for your work.

Today, like any other shifts, was a busy one. It was stressful and it made me want to tear my head apart. What’s worse is that it made me think of not caring at all. I thought to myself, “Why am I doing all this? Not everyone here is doing the same thing.” and then I would come to my senses and say, “Nah. Don’t be like them.” Besides, I have had my fair share of lesson that no one gets from school which taught me how valuable an individual’s life really is.

At one point I had a short down time and I was just standing in front of my computer and checking my patient list. I glanced to my right and saw a nun walking down the hall towards my direction. She was still too far for me to give out a greeting or a smile so I just turned my head back to face the computer monitor but for some reason I can tell that the nun was walking towards me but I tried to pretend otherwise.

“Excuse me?”

I let out a groan behind my smile and turned towards the nun and with my most welcoming voice I said, “Hi! How may I help?”

“Do you work here?” she asks while smiling.

My naughty mind is tempting me to blurt out a sarcasm-filled response and tell her that I’m just some random person hanging around in a busy ward wearing a nurse’s uniform but my mother raised me to be respectful so I replied with a polite “Yes.”

“The work you do here. It’s very difficult. You are all very kind doing this to these sick people.”

There it is. Shame has slapped me in the face. There I was thinking that she would be a bother to my short-lived rest period and it turns out that she gave me something more comforting.

“Thank you sister. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates what we do.” is what my big and stupid mouth blurted out. It should have ended with the first sentence but even my mouth was too tired to keep up with my mind that I ended up saying it.

“No they don’t. But God appreciates you.” and that statement is enough to end it so I just smiled at her, she gave me a pat on the back and left.

I am still clueless as to what was that all about. But it felt warm and nice. It lightened up whatever load I was carrying.

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