5 Mar

Nursing Interview Questions – What are the FAQ’s?

Since other people found out about my mission on going to London to work as a nurse, people have been asking me about the job interview for tips and advise and I tell them all the same thing. That is why I decided to post it up here to share it with those who are virtually searching for the same thing. But before I go on, here are a few things I would like you to know about this article:

  • The tips I will be posting is based on my own experience.
  • The advise I will give you leans toward the common types of questions. You will not see specific Q&A list here.
  • So far, I’ve had two nursing job interviews. The first one was for Makati Medical Center which was the first hospital I worked for as a nurse and the other one was for a hospital in London in which I am hired but still preparing all the needed requirements before I could start working for them.

How are nursing interview questions like then? Whether you are applying for a first job or have worked before but applying for work as a nurse for the first time, I am hoping that this article will come helpful in some way. Just as I have mentioned before, this article would not contain a list of specific questions and answers to them but would contain sample questions and guidance on answering properly. As long as you familiarize yourself and keep all these tips in mind, you will be fine.

1. Introductory Phase

nursing interview questions

“Tell me about yourself.” is not uncommon when it comes to job interviews. This is not a trick question or anything. The employer just really want you to tell them some things about yourself so go ahead but make sure to make it brief and not turn it into a speech. If it is your first time to apply as a nurse you might be asked “What made you decide on becoming a nurse?” or if you are shifting to a different specialization, you may be asked “You are a dialysis nurse, why choose cardiac nurse all of a sudden?” and just give them an answer that is geared towards career advancement. AVOID giving them pity stories such as “So I can earn more for my poor family.”

2. The W.W.Y.D.

Nursing Interview Questions

The most dreaded part of the interview for us nurses, the situational type “What would you do…” questions. These are the type of nursing interview questions that we truly hoped to have in a form of lists where the answers are written right beside it because nursing is so broad that anything could be asked from you like the pathophysiology of a patient’s disease or how to deal with a patient’s difficult relative or how to handle rude doctors or how to respond to bullying senior nurses and so on. To think that one question is already tough enough to handle, I am sorry to tell you but you will be bombarded with further follow up W.W.Y.D. questions once you answer. It will definitely drive you nuts if you would try to think of all the possible questions that you might encounter before the interview. What you need is to relax and make sure you know the basic principles of nursing and I assure you that you will be able to answer the questions based on those.

3. Psych Questions

nursing interview questions

Employers need to at least get to the tip of the iceberg inside that head of yours which is part of their assessment of you. They need to know if the person they are looking to hire is not a whack-job. If you get asked questions like
“If you can go wherever in the whole universe, where and why?”
or something like “Describe a hole in your house.” weird as it may sound, just answer these questions calmly, no need to over think.

There you go. All the types of nursing interview questions you need to keep in mind and you are good to go. Although if you want a more in-depth reading material, you can check out Brenda Brozek’s book, You’re Hired! A Nurse’s Guide to Success in Today’s Job Market because it contains guides from ground zero. It will tell you how to properly write that nurse’s resume and cover letters up to landing a job successfully.

Good luck fellow nurses!